Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Sensitive World

Hey what's up guys?  I haven't had much to say lately.  Just been hanging out with the beautiful wife and our tiny egg.  He's so cute!  I love coming home to him every day!  I make it a point to go home for lunch now too.

Anyways, I finally have something I want to rant about!  Hurray, let's share my thoughts.

lately I've been feeling like I don't have any friends any more.  My so called "friends" don't bother to text me.  If I text them I get ignored.  I'll even send a secondary text hours later trying to follow up, and I get nothing.  It's rude!  Any time I try to confront them about it and talk about it I get ignored!

So I tried again this morning.  No answer.  So I try again and then they ask me why I feel that way, so I explain that I've invested a lot in our friendship and I feel like they're not even trying to interact with me.  Feels like they've just written me off and don't care.  I've done a lot for these particular two.  I was always available at the drop of hat, was there for them during bad times, took off time from work to hang out with them when they felt down  But we had a small falling out, basically for the same reasons I'm stating here.

We used to work/run an organization together.  I had to have a conversation with them about their poor performance and give some feedback.  they took it the wrong way and exploded, threw a tantrum and quit.  Literally screaming over our mobile communication devices because I made a comment about needing to be better with time management.  A few months later they want a lunch with me to fix our friendship, okay cool.  I meet up, we talk, things seem good.  More months go by.  I text them here and there, they never text me first, and of course mostly ignored, maybe an occasion response.

Fast forward to today where I tell them all the reasons I'm upset and I get told that I can't talk to them this way.  I haven't yelled or swore at them, I just was saying how they've been acting and it doesn't come across like they care or want to be friends.  Basically saying "Hey the sky is blue" and they throw down the "I'm offended" card.

I think a large reason I can't get along with so many of my old friends is that either A: they don't appear to care and are only interested in their own motives.  Which sucks since I give so much to my friendships.  Or B: They literally can't receive any kind of feedback because they're too sensitive.  These are the folks that scream PC from the top of their lungs but then say racy things behind closed doors.  Like come on mate.  You can be PC that's fine, but live it or don't.  Don't be a hypocrite behind closed doors.

Our world is far too sensitive.  It's literally at a point where grown adults cannot receive feedback because it crushes their whole little world to hear they're not perfect, they  screwed up, and someone noticed.  You don't need to act like you've just died.  Just stop doing your bad action.  Or keep doing it, but be honest about how you actually feel about a situation.  Don't make up lies.

Phew, that's the end of my rant.
In other news Streaming has been really cool!  I set up some gaming goals and stuff on my twitch which I encourage you to check out!  I stream every Saturday and try to do occasional streams throughout the week.

But we are almost done with FFX Platinum Trophy!!!! I'm very excited!  Granted I have done all this on the PS2.  But I suppose I need to prove it with the platinum.

Hope you guys have been having it easy and hope things stay cool!
See you guys in the next blog!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Moving Forward

This weekend was really good.  I was able to spend a lot of time with my wife and our little one.  I was given a lot of compliments regarding how I am with the baby and what not.  As well compliments regarding my imagination and content creation.  It's all been really encouraging but the best thing I got was a surprise card from my lovely wife.

We had to camp out in the baby room, thanks to our annoying cats, but as i was getting into my bed I found a card from her.  Boy did it make me feel a whole lot better!  As you can see from my last couple posts, I wasn't really feelin' it lately.  But she made it all better.

That's the magic thing about marrying your best friend.  You can make mistakes, and dumb stuff happens.  But at the end of the day they're there for you, and vice versa.  No one gets me like she does.  My advice to folks is to make sure the person you with understands you, loves you, and helps you be the best version of yourself.  My beautiful wife is my sole reason for always trying to better myself.  Well and now that our egg hatched, him too!

Life is good.  I plan on starting to stream zelda games again.  Hope you guys will tune in when I do.

And special shout outs to my lovely wife.  Without her, all of this would mean nothing.  Thanks for everything my love.

Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm Really NOT Feelin' it

Today has been the first day in a few weeks where I am just unmotivated to write.  Last night I didn't exactly get the response I was hoping to see, especially with how much effort I've been putting in, but it is what it is I suppose.

A lot of the time I do get really discouraged about a lot of stuff.  Stuff gets to me, eats away at me, but I just never really whine about it.  I keep it to myself and shut up about it.  Work harder, prove your worth, etc.  Over the last couple years though its been a cycle of it paying off and it blowing up in my face.  From jobs to hobbies.  I guess that's life though.

Added on with how useless I've been feeling in the care of my child.  He sleeps all the time and only mostly wakes up to eat.  I help out around the house but it's not giving me a sense of purpose or fulfillment.  It's just tough when there really isn't anything I can help with.  Or maybe it is helpful and I'm just thinking it isn't.  I could do more, or least I feel like I could.

Weekend is coming up!  My grandmother-in-law is coming to town from Vegas.  I'm ultra excited!  I have really cool in-laws.  They're always genuinely interested in our lives and whats happening, and they make a great effort to be around.  I appreciate it a lot.  Plus Grandma-Ann is my favorite grandma of all time.  Aside from my grandmother who raised me of course. 

So I'm looking forward to her being here, getting lunch, and her being around for a few days.  Plus she gets to meet her great grandson!  Oh it's a big deal in the family because we produced the first grandson for our parents, and the first great-grandson on my immediate families side and her side.  Wooo go us!  Plus he's so cute!  I streamed him live yesterday and he told all about his day!

Well I'm gonna take off, see you guys in the next blog!  See ya!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Struggle Is Weird


It's something I certainly am trying to get used to.  My wife has been being amazing with everything that's been happening.  She spends all day taking care of the lad and I just am struggling to find a good balance between work, family, and hobby.

Typically I come home from work and just spend time with them as we had always done.  Hang out, watch TV, make food, etc.  But when it comes to sleeping at night I have to basically juggle the idea of sleeping, or staying up/getting up with him regularly so she doesn't have to do it alone.  She does so much with him.  So I need to try harder to be more involved in his care.

Today I wrote another news article detailing the announcement of the Collector's Edition for World of Final Fantasy, so that's pretty cool.  I actually was able to make  Press Account for SquareEnix as well!  It makes me happy when I can get some sort of progression with the press stuff.  I might have something even cooler to announce in a few weeks.

We'll see though!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Daily Blog.
Daily Blog.
Daily Blo~~~g~!

Hey what's up everybody?  Another daily blog, because, I find it find to make myself write for Triton and for myself every day.
I got my twitch page and twitter page sorted out with links to stuff.  I'm not doing anything crazy for twitch since it's such a small fan base at the moment.  3 people haha.  But it's still fun.  When I do something major, or something that requires my captured card Ill actually use the mic.  Otherwise I just use the chat, mostly because I have a baby who sometimes yells and sometimes doesn't.

Oh I also got back into the Pokémon games.  I was disappointed that I apparently sold my Pokémon Y version.  that had all my breeding, EV, etc type Pokemon on there and Pokedex of 400+!  Oh well.  I'll just finish Omega Ruby and redo it on there I suppose.  If I ever get my hands on a 3DS card I'll try and do 3ds stuff!  Though the big issue is that so much of library is eshop.

Yesterday I submitted Press requests for review copies of some games!  Capcom turned me down.  But Nintendo sort of responded!  So there's that.

I actually got some sleep last night, but I am still just beat.  So sleepy, so tired.  The opposite of so fresh and so clean.

How are you guys doing?  Hope everything is cool.  Let me know in the comments below!

Otherwise I'll see you guys in the next blog.  See ya!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nights are tough

These last few nights, have been really tough.  Our tiny one likes to be awake from midnight to 3am.  So from a variety of bouncing, burping, feeding, changing, and letting the little guy communicate to us in his only fashion it really starts to wear you down.

My wife and I have been doing good on communication and working together, but nights of no sleep can really break a person a part.  I've found myself just beaten and dragging my feet.  It can be tough to concentrate with only get a few hours of sleep and sometimes its broken hours, which are worse.

Thankfully I work a job that is not physically demanding, but still, it can be tough to focus.

Don't get it wrong, being a parent has been so amazing over these almost 3 weeks.  Seeing the way he interacts with us and the world around him.  Getting to see his smiles and hear his sounds.  Its HUGE!  I love him to the moon and back.  But these nights, especially when they're consistent, really can wear down a person.

My wife though, she is the real MVP.  I love seeing her in action!  She just works with him so well, even when I know she is just as wiped as me if not substantially more.  Moms are tough.  Without here, this would be a journey and experience that would be much more difficult and I don't know what I would do without her.  At work I often just wish I was at home with them, even if that means listening to tiny one shout his feelings, constantly cleaning, and changing diapers for days.  I love it.  I love the struggle.  I don't, however, love not sleeping ha ha ha!

In other news I had my second review posted on Triton today.  You guys have already seen it though.  It was my Stardew Valley review, but I went back and adjusted some of the language and added images.  That's going to be a big thing for my reviews over there.  I'll be adding images and links to everything.  Unlike here where I write everything as an informative blog post.

Well I think I'll leave it at that for today.  More to come tomorrow I'm sure!

Have a good everyone and as always I'll see you in the next blog.  See ya!

Monday, July 18, 2016

All about the blogs

What’s up guys, and welcome back to the blog.  AS some folks know I’ve been doing a blend of reviews and blogs here on this page.  Lately, I’ve been really into writing again and I find myself with small amounts of downtime throughout the day.  So I really try to utilize those moments and get my creativity flowing.  Very recently, as you may have seen, I released a Pokemon GO review on this page.  Well, it ended up receiving some decent views and I was asked by a website called Triton XP to write reviews and opinion articles for their website.  So I wanted to share with you guys that I plan to that and have already started!

I don’t get a lot of feedback or comments here, but I do see that folks view my content.  So with that being said I’m going to mostly convert this page into a dedicated blog.  All my reviews and opinion pieces will end up over on Triton!  So make sure to follow those guys and check out my content as it comes out.  I have a couple plans for pieces such as “What the NX needs to be a strong console” and “First impressions of Mobius Final Fantasy”.

But this is going to end up as my think tank and the behind the scenes look at my work, life, and projects!  Thanks to all the folks who check out this page, I really appreciate it.  Hopefully, you guys will continue to support the page going forward.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys on the blog.  See ya!